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We caught up with Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, a pair whose roots from the ’80s stretch to the present with their new album 'Barking' on Cooking Vinyl. This pair wasted no time sharing their subversive electronic genealogy to Clash. Grab their selection including the excellent 'Grace' at

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Tangerine Dream
‘Rubycon (Part One)’

“In the mid-’70s this was the sound of hippie students’ bedsits across the land. I knew very little of electronic music when I first heard this and was completely blown away by the sounds I heard. I think it was made all the more impressive because home stereo equipment was developing at a pace and we were starting to listen to music in a, ahem, ‘altered state’!”

Carl Craig
‘At Les’

“Darren Emerson turned us onto Carl Craig and we've been fans ever since. First it was his dance floor material like ‘Paperclip People’ and ‘Jam The Box’ but as the years went by we heard all kinds of stuff from Carl that amazed and inspired us. We loved the Detroit experiment material as we share a love of all things jazz, and the style of ‘At Les’ seems to come from an interest in modern classical music that we also share.”


“Dub influenced, Philip Glass, Steve Reichesque, beautiful spoken-word: like Carl Craig, all areas that we love and like to play around in musically. Dubstep is a sound that we warmed to very quickly and, along with Skull Disco, Kode9’s Hyperdub label is what we constantly play when we’re in the studio and supposed to be working!””

‘Der Mussolini’

“Here we have German electronic music once again but almost the polar opposite of Tangerine Dream. It’s full of punk attitude, thrown together in the most basic fashion and all about making your body move. Inspirational to say the least.”

Soft Cell

“So much more than the pin-up Smash Hits band that did ‘Tainted Love’. ‘Memorabilia’ was so ahead that when we first heard early techno it wasn’t a huge culture shock.


Underworld - ‘Grace’ (exclusive pre-release album track)
Tangerine Dream - ‘Rubycon Part One’ • D.A.F. - ‘Der Mussolini’ • Carl Craig - ‘At Les’ •

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