Their influences unravelled...

SXSW is capable of making or breaking a band's career.

Playing a host of shows in and around Austin, Texas last year Local Natives left fans with one thing on their minds - 'wow'.

Mixing the harmonies of Fleet Foxes with the infectious rhythms of Vampire Weekend the band have been riding the crest of a wave ever since. With the Texan showcase rolling round again, Local Natives can afford to look back on their roots.

Catching up with the band's Ryan Hahn, the Local Natives singer was keen to show Clashmusic just where their unique sound came from.

As ever, you can stream the tracks he mentioned by downloading MFlow. For more details, just click HERE.

Elvis Costello – ‘High Fidelity’
“I was always a fan. Amazing when you think that on his first record he was twenty three-years-old. His lyrics really drew me in. He had a really good take on things.”

Elvis Costello - High Fidelity

- - -

Four Tops ‘Bernadette’
“You just grow up hearing songs like this and for some reason at some age you just hear it like it’s the first time. Local Natives put a lot of effort into our bass work and Motown has had a huge impact on us in this regard.”

David Bowie ‘Cactus’
“I used to drive back and forth a lot to band practice, like an hour and half each way and it was then that I fell in love with ‘Ziggy Stardust’ and all the
others too.”

Spoon ‘My Mathematical Mind’
“It’s the lyrics on again for me on this one. I’m always listening for lyrics. Brett Daniel is an incredible lyricist. It’s got this swagger that’s borderline Motown but also borderline punk or mod. It’s so simple yet I find so much in there.’

The Clash ‘Armagideon Times’
“I got into The Clash a little later than I’d like to admit but then I got fascinated by how poetic they were and how they rose above the other punk bands. They embraced a lot of other sounds and cultures whilst being so politically aware.”

The Clash - Armagideon Time

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