LA punks hit the road

Hardcore nutjobs turned Mexican menagerie, Mariachi El Bronx recently took off around the UK.

One of the most unusual and thrilling live experiences around, the band are a blur of Mexican rhythms and romantic lyrics. Matt Caughthran took notes exclusively for ClashMusic as audiences exploded around the UK...

- - -

June 23, Southampton...
the best days sometimes start in the worst ways. After spending an entire night chasing our shadows around London we woke in South Hampton in various states of pain and disorder. Never admitting defeat to my hangover, I slumped my USA soccer jersey over my shoulders proceeded to very slowly "seize the day." Everything picked up once the U.S. and England won there respective matches and advanced to the round of 16. The show kicked into gear in a blur, the stage was hot and the crowd was charged. The Bronx set tonight was insane. Absolute chaos from start to finish. if playing music whilst hungover was an Olympic sport, we would take the Gold every time. We tried to go out after the show, but no one would let us in anywhere because of our soccer jerseys. Then, we discovered that the pride of South Hampton, a strip club entitled "POLETRIX" had been shut down and turned into an oxygen bar. The Smut Peddlers lyric "it must be hard to breathe with all of the ass you suck" repeats in my head until i fall asleep.

June 24, Coventry...
Dear Coventry, be proud and hold your head up high. Your entire country may think you're are a "shithole" but we love you. tonight's show ripped. hot as hell, nasty, and loud as fuck. i think i may retire here.

side note: Bus party got wild after the show and Joby's poor DJ'ing skills earned him a black eye from our tour manager Bryan "scars" McClellan.

June 25th, Glastonbury...
On tour, I never wake up early. Yet here I am at 7am fully dressed and ready to attack anything and everything. As I gaze out the window upon massive Glastonbury, my Mojo becomes slightly derailed by the screams of our Welsh bus driver "Chop". It seems that someone has pissed on the floor. I tell him there are a number of possible suspects, but without proper DNA analysis we will never know who the real culprit is. He is not amused. Whatever. I help him clean the piss. Today, Mariachi El Bronx plays Glastonbury 3 times. I inform Chop that a tiny setback like misplaced urine shouldn't stand a chance to ruin the excitement of a day like today. His hand touches my thigh, and he moves in for a kiss. i slap him with a urine soaked rag and he starts crying. this is what i get for waking up early.

June 26th, Plymouth..
Punk music is better near water, its a fact. We pulled into Plymouth high as kites from our 3 sets at Glastonbury. what a festival, from the shear size of the crowd during the day to the Strummerville campfire at night. the whole experience was completely epic. Our positive vibrations bled into Plymouth's open wounds and infected its citizen's with mass hysteria. El Bronx, ghost of a thousand, and the Bronx. One of the hottest shows ever both in billing and in actual temperature. The U.S. was eliminated from the world cup tonight, but who gives a fuck. tonight is a night of celebration. i cant believe i get to do this for a living.

Thanks to all the Bronx and El Bronx fans for their unwavering insanity,
and thanks to England for getting bigger and better every time.



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