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Mando Diao - Give Me Fire!

Listen to the new album from Sweden's Mando Diao, 'Give Me Fire!', on ClashMusic now.

Recorded with a pair of brothers who can claim to have been Sweden's hip hop dons back in the 90s in the group The Latin Kings. Mando Diao all being massive hip hop fans, their meeting with the Salazar brothers growing from a quest for an autograph into first one, then a whole album of songs.

As to the album's title, the band's Gustaf explains, “The title is a Swedish slang phrase. 'Eld' is 'fire', as in the kick you get out of drugs or alcohol – it translates as 'I want some spark in my life'. That track is about a friend of ours who was hooked on drugs. We decided to take his side of the argument on drugs – we looked at it from the perspective that this is an urge that everyone in the world has. Whether it's cigarettes or coffee or exercise or ecstasy, everyone in the world wants to get high off of something. That bled through into the whole album.”

With that in mind, and teamed with the Salazar's production, 'Give Me Fire!' is the band's strongest album yet, a blazing garage rock soul revue from the fjords.

View a photo gallery of Mando Diao on the road, with captions by the band themselves, HERE.


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