Another day...

Monday not going so well?

We've all been there. As a matter of fact, Madrid may well still be there - dwelling in melancholy, wrapping themselves in the scraps of a half-remembered weekend.

A new project, Madrid feature two well known faces. Adriano (C.S.S.) and Marina (Bonde De Role) first met back in 2006, when they were touring with their prestigious older projects. Hitting it off, the pair kept in touch throwing the odd song idea at one another in the process.

Touching base in Sao Paolo last year, the pair decided that the chemistry was in place for a full collaboration. Arranging studio time in the Spring, Madrid were formed and their debut album was laid in place.

ClashMusic have been handed the video for 'Sad Song'. The track itself has a sweeping grandeur, born aloft on tinkling piano chords and mournful vocals. Shot in black and white, the stark clip is fuelled by an exotic sense of melodrama.

Watch it below.


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