A song themed run around London

Now for something a little more challenging, this course stretches out for about four miles. Starting off at Mornington Crescent in Camden Town and making its way south to the finish line on Waterloo Bridge, detouring to take in a handful of locations preserved by music. Musicians from Chas ‘n’ Dave to the Libertines have taken inspiration from London. Our second route embraces some of our favourite songs from the past five decades that focus on our capital city.

Belle And Sebastian – Mornington Crescent
Belle And Sebastian frontman, Stuart Murdoch, fell in love with Mornington Crescent after passing the formerly closed Camden station. This song is taken from their 2006 album, The Life Pursuit.

Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street
This song is famed for Raphael Ravenscroft’s saxophone solo and Rafferty’s sentimentally bleak outlook on London. Sherlock Holmes fans can also look out for house number 221B.

The Jam – Carnaby Street
To this day, Carnaby Street remains one of London’s fashion hotspots. In the 60s its boutiques attracted hippies and mods alike and inspired The Jam bassist, Bruce Foxton, to write Carnaby Street.

Morrissey – Piccadilly Palare
Piccadilly Palare recounts tales of male prostitution. These days, Piccadilly is a lot more tourism-friendly. Linking Hyde Park Corner and Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly is right in the heart of London.

Roxy Music – Do The Strand
The Strand is a street in London linking Trafalgar Square and Fleet Street. It’s also an indefinable dance from Roxy Music. Do the strand on the Strand.

The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset
“As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset, I am in paradise” says it all, really. The view from Waterloo Bridge holds many of London’s iconic landmarks, including St Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament.

Words by Emily Anderton and Brian Murnin

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