Ghostly R&B productions...

Tom Krell, aka How To Dress Well, is a complex character.

A bedroom producer who is the latest signing to label of the moment Tri-Angle, home to oOoOO and Balam Acab, he was once described by Primal Scream producer, Andrew Weatherall as sounding like “you’re standing in the middle of an 18 year old brother and a 14 year old sister, and she’s playing R’n’B and he’s playing a Burial album – but in a good way”. Not bad eh?

“I’ve always listened to R’n’B. I started playing in bands in 99/ 2000 and my favourite album was the first big Nelly record,” says Krell. “There was always this concurrence of different musical styles – at any given time I’ll like hardcore and Jodeci or harsh noise and shy.”

The juxtaposition in How To Dress Well is resonant throughout his debut record, Love Remains, which sounds like a half remembered tribute to his youth – like the negative of a photograph or the ghost of a record. Perfectly placed on Tri-Angle, he shares much in common with his label-mates, who are also bedroom producers aiming for sounds that their equipment can’t quite hit – forced to flourish within that restrictive atmosphere gives Krell’s music its haunting longing.

It’s this loner vibe, layered on multi-track in Krell’s own bedroom, which creates the sound that a high tech studio couldn’t emulate. Money may be able to buy you effects but it can’t buy you the soul that fills 'Love Remains'.

Words by Samuel Ballard

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How To Dress Well's debut album 'Love Remains' is set to gain a British release later this year. Until then, have a listen to this stark remix of an R Kelly classic...

Waking Up To Life Sometimes Seems Worse – How to Dress Well by htdwmusic

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