Ahead of her Modeselektor slot...

Dub/deep-house producer Cooly G – Merrisa Campbell – has been quickly rising through the ranks of the underground electronic and urban scenes, already having produced some of the sharpest UK funky tracks around (though as we’ll see, this is a tag which she feels uncomfortable with) and attracting the attention of Kode9, who released several of her EPs through his renowned Hyperdub label. Clash caught up with Merrisa, who has been preparing to support Modeselektor at a live show in London this weekend:

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Clash: What have you been up to recently?
Merrisa: Well, I got locked in a lift in Norway last weekend! It was just before my live performance at Numusic Festival. I was thinking ‘I’m never going to get out of here!’

Clash: How are your live performances going?
Merrisa: Before Norway I’d only done one live performance, in Spain, and it’s a really different feeling performing live from DJing. But I’m fully booked doing live shows now. I had a break while I was doing the album, but the shows are coming in. It’s kicking off!

Clash: You’re playing live in London this Friday, supporting Modeselektor – what can we expect to hear from you there?
Merissa: I’m gonna perform all the vocal tracks on my new album. You can expect me to come out onto the stage a bit more and sing the songs to the crowd instead of just hiding behind a computer. I really like what I’ve heard of Modeselektor, and I heard that they’re funny guys, which is good, as I get on well with funny people.

Clash: Will you be playing some of your older tracks at the show, like ‘Love Dub’ and ‘Dis Boy’?
Merissa: I did ‘Love Dub’ at a Barcelona show and I wasn’t going to play it this time, but now that you’ve brought it up I might just bring that into my set. Because it is London I’ll definitely have to bring in some of the older pieces.

Clash: How’s your album, ‘Playing Me’, coming along?
Merrisa: It’s finished now. There’s one more tune that’s getting worked on, but the rest of it’s been mastered already. The single is called ‘Landscapes’, which is a track with me and [hip hop producer and DJ] Simbad and there’s another track on there called ‘It’s Serious’, which is more for the dancefloor.

Clash: Do you see yourself as being part of the UK funky scene?
Merrisa: No, not at all. I don’t really want to call my music anything right now, but the album is much more melodic and… a bit girly. A bit more about me, Merrisa, rather than Cooly G. People probably think I’m hard because I make hard tunes, but I’m not really that hard!

Clash: What do you have planned for the future?
Merissa: I’m going to do my live performances and the album’s going to come out, and maybe people will get to understand a bit more of me as a person. I want to do some soundtrack tunes for films as well, and I’m also running my own label – Dub Organizer. And as a joke, I’d love to try and get into a Hollywood film, maybe something with Jackie Chan in.

Cooly G will be supporting Modeselektor – alongside Boy 8-Bit and Siriusmo – at the HMV Forum, London, on Friday 7 October, as part of Lovebox’s Bang The Box.

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