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worriedaboutsatan is a Leeds-based electronic duo whose precence at this weekend’s Clash Saturday Social is filling our bellies with an excitement rarely felt. Why so? ‘Cause, frankly, it’s pretty rare we get to present such an alluring band in such intimate confines.

Tom Ragsdale and Gavin Miller are the pair responsible for the absorbing, otherworldly sonic structures that make up worriedaboutsatan’s etheral-yet-glitchy output, which has reached a thus-far zenith with the release of ‘arrivals’, their debut album. Read the ClashMusic verdict HERE.

The pair took on Clash’s Live Talking Q&A ahead of the Saturday Social – full details follow their answers.

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worriedaboutsatan – ‘relative minors’

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Are you a band that records to tour, or that tours to record? Or do you not see the two as separate parts of what you do?
Tom: Yes, I definitely see them as two different things, and for the better. I enjoy both massively, and our live performances are completely separate from our ‘studio’ sessions. We don’t necessarily play our recorded music live - we just take elements from it and mash them together, and it’s different every time. Sometimes ‘you’re in my thoughts’ will last four minutes live and have a piano melody, sometimes it’ll last seven minutes and have a huge intro of drums, for instance! I think we record for self satisfaction, and tour to express our energy for the music we make.

Do you feel you translate well as a live act, perhaps better than on record, or have live shows been a bigger learning process than writing/recording?
Gav: Oooh, good question! Yeah, I think we do translate well to a live setting as we react to the audience in different ways, so no two shows will be the same. And you can see how we make our sounds too! Live shows have been a learning curve though, seeing what works in a setting and what doesn’t, just like any other band. It’s always interesting to see if a tune goes down well, or if a guitar sound works well in one song, et cetera.

To date, what show stands out in your memory as the best you’ve played?
Tom: To date, it was our ‘arrivals’ launch party in Leeds on May 15. We put everything into that performance. We’ve built up a kind of following in Leeds now, and it was great to see everyone feeling the groove!

What’s the best show (by another band) that you’ve been to? Perhaps not ever, but certainly of late…
Gav: Well, lately, it was Murcof at the RNCM in Manchester a week or so ago. It was like being in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but for real! Very unsettling, but in an amazing way. My all time favourite gig, though, was Sigur Rós at Leeds City Varieties in about 2001 or something, before they’d gotten really big and started playing enormo-domes. It was beautiful and very intimate.

And what about the worst show? By yourselves… is there a venue/town you’ll happily never return to?
Tom: Haha, we can’t really say too much into that. However, we’ve had some very confused audiences and some heckles. We played a gig were the audience really wanted to lay into us. Some people just don’t get bands without drummers!

Say you’ve the budget to put on your ultimate four-band bill, featuring yourselves – who plays and in what order? No bringing anyone back from the dead, here, but defunct bands can count.
Gav: Headlining I’d have Radiohead. Nuff said. Before them, Sigur Rós, then us, and to start off the night, I’d have Her Name Is Calla - they’d kick things off in a dramatic fashion.

How does the band keep itself entertained on the road? Any bus games you break out for motorway gridlock?
Tom: Yeah, we’ve got loads of cool things we like to take. We normally get a load of magazines like Nuts, Zoo, Reveal, Now, and all that kind of thing, and just rip into them all for a good few hours. We have playlists for the radio too – soft rock, ballads, R’n’B, crunk, UK garage. And we also have the autobiography of Head (former guitarist of Korn). It’s deep, man.

What tips would you give a new band about to embark on their first ‘proper’ tour?
Gav: Have showers wherever possible, buy loads of shit magazines (trust me), play loads of stupid music on the stereo, get some nice food down you and above all, have FUN!

Tell us about your latest release… will it be available at the show?
Tom: Yes, our latest release, ‘arrivals’, will certainly be available. It comes in handmade packaging with a photo and remix CD. It’s released through Gizeh Records (home of Her Name is Calla and Glissando). It’s been compared to the music of Burial, Apparat, and Ricardo Villalobos, so expect something atmospheric and deep. It’s a massive progression from our previous releases.

Have you listened to the other acts playing on May 23? Any that you’d not heard of before and are looking forward to seeing?
Gav: Well I’ll have to be bad now and say that I’d not heard of any of the bands before this gig, but I’ve checked ‘em all out now and they’re all well good! Those Ungdomskulen boys sound like a mixture of Foals and Battles, so that’ll be awesome! Friendship sound great too, that ‘Music Box’ tune is really pretty. Laurel Collective sound really cool as well, I like the dual voices and the energy in their songs. Good stuff all round!

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worriedaboutsatan – ‘Morwena’

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worriedaboutsatan play live at the Clash Saturday Social @ RoTa, at the Notting Hill Arts Club, on Saturday May 23. Doors are open 4pm-8pm, and entry is free, over-18s only. Also playing live are Friendship, Ungdomskulen and The Laurel Collective. Find full details HERE.

Find worriedaboutsatan on MySpace HERE, and ‘arrivals’ reviewed HERE.


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