Northern blues-rock duo on touring and more...

One of four acts playing for us, for you, for free, this Saturday, The Old Romantic Killer Band are two men making a right royal racket and no mistake.

The band, hailing from the English north, are purveyors of fine soul-infused bluesy rock. Yes, you could think White Stripes, but you’d need to scuff the Detroit pair up considerably and spike their tonics with some fiery punk spirit.

Harry (guitar, vocals) and Greg (drums) line up alongside Micachu and the Shapes, Favours For Sailors and Left With Pictures this Saturday, February 28, for the next Clash Saturday Social. As with previous events, the free-entry show is held 4pm-8pm at the Notting Hill Arts Club, W11, at its weekly RoTa afternoon.

Click HERE for full gig details.

Harry answered our live-centric Live Talking Q&A; click HERE for the same from Favours For Sailors.

- - -

Are you a band that records to tour, or that tours to record? Or do you not see the two as separate parts of what you do?

We play to live, and record to catalogue our songs for when we’re too fucking old to play anymore.

Do you feel you translate well as a live act, perhaps better than on record, or have live shows been a bigger learning process than writing/recording?

We are definitely a ‘live’ band. We’re both ADD, so recording is kind of tedious, but we understand its importance.

To date, what show stands out in your memory as the best you’ve played?

Maybe Unity Day in Leeds Hyde Park – playing to fucking 1,000 people is rad.

What’s the best show (by another band) that you’ve been to? Perhaps not ever, but certainly of late…

I didn’t see the Young Widows tour because we were on tour too, but I guarantee that would be the best recent live show.

And what about the worst show? By yourselves… is there a venue/town you’ll happily never return to?

Bradford is rad – it has IMAX, and really good curry houses. But shit, people don’t like going to gigs it seems, and there are some shitty promoters too.

Say you’ve the budget to put on your ultimate four-band bill, featuring yourselves – who plays and in what order? No bringing anyone back from the dead, here, but defunct bands can count.

Soundgarden, Wu Tang Clan, Daughters!, and us opening.

How does the band keep itself entertained on the road? Any bus games you break out for motorway gridlock?

We just listen to shit loads of Pantera and ODB really. And slag everything off all the time.

What tips would you give a new band about to embark on their first ‘proper’ tour?

If you can’t find enjoyment and love from the people around you, and the ridiculousness of being in a band in the first place, don’t bother. The amount of shit shows you will play should be funny and awesome, not something to piss you off.

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Check out The Old Romantic Killer Band for free at the Clash Saturday Social on February 28 – click HERE for details. Their debut album ‘The Swan With Two Necks’ is out now on Bad Sneakers.

Find the band on MySpace HERE.


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