The London 'chamber-pop' outfit on live matters...

Our opening act at this weekend’s Clash Saturday Social – held at the Notting Hill Arts Club’s RoTa afternoon, Saturday February 28, 4pm-8pm – Left With Pictures’ take on all things pop comes with a quality classic edge.

The band – hailing from London – released their five-track EP ‘Secretly’ last year to a great spread of positive feedback.

Comparisons were varied and many, but the gist of most critiques sold their strengths: the weaving of exquisite melodies and detailed textures.

Some stretched to calling their sound ‘chamber pop’. Some simply concluded: this is very good indeed.

The band answered our Live Talking questions ahead of Saturday’s free-entry gig – click HERE for full details of the show.

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Are you a band that records to tour, or that tours to record? Or do you not see the two as separate parts of what you do?

Live and on record we’re quite different I think. We’re a lot more exuberant live than you might imagine if you listened to our records – which have quite a lot of detail in them.

Do you feel you translate well as a live act, perhaps better than on record, or have live shows been a bigger learning process than writing/recording?

We’ve learnt different lessons from both processes, I think. Live is always different, so its difficult to make a general statement about whether that translates better than on record. We like to make the most of the different opportunities that they both present!

To date, what show stands out in your memory as the best you’ve played?

We played a good show at End of The Road Festival ‘07. That was certainly a memorable one.

What’s the best show (by another band) that you’ve been to? Perhaps not ever, but certainly of late…

I always prefer the smaller shows. A couple of years ago Tom Brosseau blew me away at a tiny show at St Moritz in Soho – it was so intimate and such a fantastic vibe. His voice is beautiful.

And what about the worst show? By yourselves… is there a venue/town you’ll happily never return to?

In our early days we did a show at a place called Woody’s in the Westbourne Park area of London. There was nobody there! Every band goes through that at some point I think! We did have a nice meal before the show though… so not a totally wasted night!

Say you’ve the budget to put on your ultimate four-band bill, featuring yourselves – who plays and in what order? No bringing anyone back from the dead, here, but defunct bands can count.

David Karsten Daniels – Left With Pictures – The Chap – Hot Chip. Don’t ask me why...!!

How does the band keep itself entertained on the road? Any bus games you break out for motorway gridlock?

We’ve never done a tour. When we play outside London we play I Spy on the way. The old ones are the best.

What tips would you give a new band about to embark on their first ‘proper’ tour?

Make sure it’s well promoted!

Have you listened to the other acts playing on Saturday? Any that you’d not heard of before and are looking forward to seeing? Any you already knew and liked?

Listened to them all and looking forward to the whole thing, really. Seen Micachu twice before and was very impressed… so can’t wait for that.

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