French duo's 'Dead Lazers'
Kap Bambino

Orion Bouvier and Caroline Martial are Kap Bambino, a French duo making an unholy digital racket we can't resist.

Watch the video for their recent single 'Dead Lazers', a suitable taster for their new album, 'Blacklist', out this week.

Read ClashMusic's review of the duo's new album, which we noted was "as aggressive as anything the French duo have made before, just with an added layer of gloss.", HERE.

Kap Bambino are on tour in the UK throughout June taking in the following cities -

June 9th - Captains Rest, Glasgow
June 11th - A Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds
June 12th - Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham
June 13th - The Rainbow, Birmingham
June 14th - Cooler, Bristol
June 15th - Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
June 16th - UK Album Launch, cargo, London
June 25th - Q Stage, Glastonbury Festival

Buy tickets to see Kap Bambino live on HERE.

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