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Johnny Flynn is a man of many talents.

A credited actor, Flynn also unleashes his creative streak. Working alongside Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons and more the singer has helped to spearhead the current nu-folk movement charging the charts.

Together with his band The Sussex Wit, Johnny Flynn makes the kind of literate folk-pop some had thought was long since extinct. Name-checking his favourite songwriters alongside poets such as WB Yeats.

Already onto his second album, the recently released 'Been Listening' was an overwhelming critical success. Taken from the acclaimed record, new single 'Barnacled Warship' is out on August 16th and contains something special for fans.

Released on vinyl, the flipside of the single comes etched with two poems. Revealing a deeply introspective and intensely creative side to Johnny Flynn, ClashMusic has managed to grab one piece which you can read below...

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The Triumph Of Hellenism

It was a busy year for death
She crept about the palace.
And we had poor defence
And she had little malice
A gentle touch put here -
A sad and curt embrace.
A wooden kiss enough
To put them in their place.
And where my father went
Is not now common knowledge;
The inventory was lent
To some old Cambridge college.
I had little faith then,
Nothing spoke to me.
When what you see is Gospel,
The Gospel isn’t free.
And Krishna’s conch is sunk,
The lotus not in bloom,
Solomon’s song unsung
And prayers are called too soon.
So where my father went
Is wind against the Mountain
His love was all but spent
So mine is as a fountain.

All the fruit turn red,
Some of them are still green
But never will you see one
That’s stuck and in between.
As all came from a garden
Where the wind has died down low
And there my father went
To help the green fruit grow.
He tends them with a smile,
His fingers stroke the leaves.
He’ll never leave the garden,
It’s all that I believe.


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