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In The Works - The Ting Tings

Following in the musical tradition of greats like Bowie, Eno and Iggy, The Ting Tings have gone to Berlin in search of a different sonic perspective.

And they have emerged triumphant; after spending eight months “isolating themselves” in their very own jazz-club-turned-studio, the result is an album glistening with polished pop perfection. Ranging from acoustic folk to bangin’ electro, R‘n’B and, of course, rock and roll, this second offering shows the band at their most ambitious and diverse.

Playing one of their first ever shows at Club West Germany, The Ting Tings’ intital experience of Berlin was the catalyst for the move. Surprisingly enough though, the city’s burgeoning music scene has had little impact on the album’s overall sound.

“It’s more the mood here that has affected our work,” explains Jules. “The streets are really powerful in Berlin. It was -27° when we first arrived and therefore it was a very different environment to what we’re used to. The people just felt tough. That was a big influence on the first three months of writing.”

The pair have lovingly crafted a makeshift studio from the ashes of an abandoned jazz club. Bursting at the seams with vintage analogue synths, Jules says that they prefer the ramshackle surroundings of their own private den to the sterile booths of a proper recording studio.

Introverted souls, this brief spell of self-induced solitude has certainly done wonders for the band. But it’s not long now before they will be making the journey back over to Blighty to unleash their new album on the UK. Das techno ist off da hook, ja?

Words by April Welsh
Photos by Toby Hudson

Album title: ‘Kunst’
Producer: Self-produced
Release date: January 2011
Songs include: ‘Hands’, ‘Help’, ‘Day-To-Day’, ‘One By One’
Other facts: The band found the delights of Berlin tango a welcome distraction from recording.



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