T In The Park 2006

Sometimes bands only get one chance.

For The View, it came in 2006. The band were picked to play the T Break Stage - an area for new talent at T In The Park, despite not having a record deal or any releases to their name.

The slot went down in festival lore. Fans packed the tent, with The View's performance becoming one of the weekend's most discussed events. Acting as a springboard for their entire career, Clash recently sat down with Kieren Webster to look back on that fateful day.

- - -

That was a bit of an eye opener to us as much as it was to anybody else, that T Break show. We knew it was going to be good but we never knew it was going to be that rammed and that monumental, having that many people singing along to every single song. We hadn’t released one record at the time, we had like a few demos up on MySpace and stuff – I think we’d actually had quite a lot up by that time, in terms of MySpace. We just couldn’t believe it and nor could anybody else, the turn out we got and the reception they gave us. We didn’t realise how powerful the internet was as a tool. People were listening to our music and knew all the word – I just couldn’t believe it. We’d never even released a record.

We were unsigned. We didn’t have a record label or anything. I think we’d been in talks but we never signed until later on.

At that time, every show was getting bigger and bigger and more crazy. Every show we played was getting more crazy and at the time we just thought “this is great! Let’s take it and make a monumental show.”

We knew it was a big deal getting the T Break slot, we knew it was going to be good but I couldn’t imagine it being that good – I couldn’t believe it. I had the biggest cheeser on my face for the rest of the week!

People were singing along loads to ‘Same Jeans’ and ‘Wasted Little DJs’ at the time – that was how we pitched the singles. They were the ones which were going down exceptionally well. We would just wait and hear everybody singing along to the chorus. Any one of them. I nearly decked it onstage as well, but God helped us out! My legs went from underneath us – a couple of guys in the band noticed it as well but thankfully I got back up. That could’ve been embarrassing!

The whole show was just really good. We could spot our mates climbing up the poles of the tent!

We were just buzzing! Just absolutely buzzing. We did nail it, it was pretty good. There isn’t really a backstage at the T Break, you’ve just got a little bit round the back and then you’re back out into the crowd. We were just back out with our mates – buzzing, drinking and celebrating. I can’t remember who all we saw, I was probably just busy celebrating playing T In The Park!

The funniest thing was at the end the NME were wanting to interview us but we didn’t have the right passes to get in to the press tent. I think a few people wanted to interview us, but they had to bring all their stuff outside because we just had the T Break passes. We didn’t even have hospitality passes or anything!

- - -

The View are set to play RockNess this summer (June 8th - 10th).

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