Glasgow beat merchant set to go overground...

Glasgow might at first seem an unlikely outpost for the most forward-thinking hip-hop beats on the planet, but Hudson Mohawke – along with fellow maverick Rustie and their pals in the LuckyMe collective – has put the city firmly on the map.

A succession of his low-key, hi-tech instrumentals have carved their own niche in the global post-Dilla beats community, and now HudMo is set to rule 2009 after signing to Warp Records. Not that you’ll hear him bragging about it.

“I never actively promote myself,” he admits. “Any success I’ve had has been as a result of not forcing myself in people’s faces and just letting people discover my music and make their own mind up about it. I always prided myself on trying to create something uniquely my own.”

Still only 22 years old, Hudson’s kaleidoscopic sound has been honed by over a decade of studio experimentation and DJing – he was Scottish champion of the ITF and UK DMC Championships at just 14. He explains:

“I first got into making music around 1998/’99. I had been DJing since about ’96, but got into making tunes when the Music and Music2000 games were released on the PlayStation. At the time I was listening to a lot of early-’90s rave and jungle and that’s where a lot of the random ‘cut and paste-ness’ of my music stems from – when producers were wrestling with their gear to get it all to stay synchronised.”

In between his globetrotting gig schedule, Hudson has found time to put the finishing touches to his first EP for Warp, ‘Polyfolk Dance’, and knuckle down to work on an as-yet-untitled album, which will offer the best glimpse yet of exactly what makes this multi-faceted producer tick.

“It’s essentially a pop album,” he insists. “I make a lot of different stuff so I wanted to give a broad picture, so there’s a couple of pop-ish tracks with vocalists, some beats, some more club-oriented stuff... It’s a real mix but I’m taking my time to make sure it can stand up as one succinct piece as well.”

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Find Hudson Mohawke on MySpace HERE. His ‘Polyfolk Dance EP’ is released on Warp on January 19. Look for a review on before long.

Photo: Christina Kernohan


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