Hear 'Royale'Sound'

Sly and Robbie, Bjork, Tricky, U2, Sinead O'Connor, Goldie and Everything but the Girl. Now there's a mixtape for a jungle infused pop rocker with a penchant for programmed beats.

It is also the back catalogue of Glasgow born producer Howie B, UK Electronica personified. In 1997, backstage at a U2 gig, everything that was great about British electro met everything that was unique about Italian music. Casino Royale were the support act for the U2 tour in question. Howie B had been convinced by U2 to bring the dancehall rock sound he gave their album 'Pop' to the live performances. Nine years later, Casino Royale approached the prolific Howie B to produce their up coming album 'Reale'.

The specifications were met and the record was released. Royale fans lapped it up. The real lovechild of that first meeting, however, is preparing for a birth of fire. 'Not in the Face' is the first product of the collaboration of Howie B Vs Casino Royale. Taking the essence of 'Reale' and the originality of B's production it mutters out a melodic record, saturated by dub. 'Not in your Face' is worthy of any ears.

Listen to 'Royale'Sound' from Howie B Vs Casino Royale's album 'Not In The face' -


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