Rapper returns with 'Ballskin'...

Clash already made its position on new MF Doom material pretty clear: we can’t wait for it.

The acclaimed rapper’s new album, ‘Born Into This’ (or 'Born Like This' as it's listed elsewhere - which is the right title, we don't know), was one of our picks for 2009 alongside new records from the likes of The Prodigy and Lily Allen – click HERE to read our preview of 2009’s top albums.

Now we’ve been given a taste: the track ‘Ballskin’ found its way onto the MF Doom – now just DOOM, btw – MySpace a few days ago, and to save you clicking that way (not that we’re stopping you – click HERE) we’ve got the track to hear below.

It’s only a minute and a half long, but ‘Ballskin’ (one word or two? We’re going with one) tells us that the man’s singular lyrical skills haven’t dulled any since his last LP, 2005’s ‘Live From Planet X’.

More news on ‘Born Into/Like This’ and related DOOM activity as and when we get it into our eyes and ears. Hear ‘Ballskin’ below and feel free to post your thoughts by registering with ClashMusic.com HERE


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