A perfect world of total pleasure...
Shangri-La Glasto people

Shangri-La... a perfect world of total pleasure.

Shangri-La could be described as a festival within a festival, and it’s having its second year at Glastonbury, with the broad theme of DYSCOTOPIA.

Shangri-La consists of a staggering 40 acres of bizarre ideas turned into what could be seen as reality. It’s the perfect place to hang out, and explore just one of the very different atmospheres available at the messiah of festivals. The permanently happy land of Shangri- La is a mystical paradise, for any festival-goer to experience nothing quite like it.

Clash asked Steve Godwin, director of the Dice People Group, about his involvement this year at Glasto 2009…

“Last year I ran a stage called ‘The House’, but enough about last year! This year, my job is to help gain promotion for one of the most creative fields at Glastonbury festival: Shangri-La.

“The field this year is made up in the theme of a Mad Max-type town. We have secret gigs by some of the world’s biggest pop stars along-side the best new bands. I will be working alongside journalists, magazines and TV to get the best promotion possible for the effort that goes into making this field happen...

“In the picture, I am on the left and with Chris Tofu on right – Chris (the mad guy with the hat) has been part of running the field at Glastonbury for over 20 years, and he runs festivals all over the world, and I am working to get him PR for Glastonbury.”

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Words: Chloe Gillard

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