Chats with first-timers F*cked Up and In Case Of Fire...
Fucked Up

Clash collared two bands playing their first-ever Glastonbury sets this weekend: In Case Of Fire and Fucked Up (pictured).

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Forming in 2005, In Case of Fire are an alternative rock group hailing from Northern Ireland. They’re signed to Search and Destroy Records, and have already played at various festivals including Download, Reading and Leeds, and T in the Park – but, until now, never Glasto. We wanted to find out about their expectations for the UK’s biggest fest, and here’s what bassist Mark had to tell us…

“This is our first time playing at Glastonbury, so yeah, we're really excited about playing the show. We played a lot of the main festivals last summer, but there’s just something special about opening ‘The Other’ stage at Glastonbury.

“The impression I have of Glastonbury? Mud! I think Glastonbury is not just a music festival; it’s more about the whole experience and with such a diverse line-up there's something for everyone really.

“There’s loads of great bands on the line-up this year – I could just watch our stage all day with bands like The Gaslight Anthem, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bat for Lashes playing, right through to the Prodigy.”

In Case Of Fire open The Other Stage at Glastonbury on Sunday, June 28; find them on MySpace HERE.

In Case Of Fire – ‘The Cleansing’

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Fucked Up have been laying delightful waste to live audiences since their inception in Toronto in 2002. Now signed to Matador Record, last year’s ‘The Chemistry Of Common Life’ was one of the highest-rated punk records of 2008, mixing acerbic instrumental elements with amazing lyrical depth. Frontman Pink Eyes answers our Glasto questions…

This is your first time playing at Glastonbury. You must be excited…
Excited? For sure! I mean, as much as you go into every show with the same attitude it is kind of hard not to be excited to be playing something with a history like this. But even more than that is the fact that we are playing on the John Peel Stage. John Peel was a person whom I have a deep admiration for, and he was such an important person – not only the music we come from, but all music. Playing that stage is the icing on the cake.

Will the band be bringing anything to the festival that, just perhaps, it won’t have seen before?
I think it would presumptuous for me to assume that there was anything I could bring to it that a festival as storied as Glastonbury hasn't seen before. That being said, I hope we can show and prove when the time comes and give something out of the norm
What's the impression you have of Glastonbury? And why do you think it's so different to any other event?
I have been warned that it will be bigger and muddier then anything I have ever experienced before... I went to the mall yesterday and bought rain boots for the first time in 20 years for it. I think what sets it apart is the scope of it. I went through the schedule the other day and it is so massive that it was overwhelming.

Any artists or bands you will be watching, and maybe hanging out with, this year?
I'm looking forward to hanging out with the dudes in Jamie T's band. We met them in Liverpool earlier this year and they were chill as fuck. I'm planning on watching Ray Davis and The Horrors... and people watching... freak watching.

Fucked Up play the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury on Friday, June 26; find the band on MySpace HERE.

Fucked Up – ‘Baiting The Public’ (live)

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Words: Chloe Gillard


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