'Superbad' team returns
Get Him To The Greek still

From the creators of Superbad & Forgetting Sarah Marshall comes ‘Get Him to the Greek’, featuring Russell Brand as a megalomaniacal musician in a ‘will he, won’t he’ get there on time comedy farce.

Music intern Aaron Greenberg (Hill) has blagged the job of his life, escorting outrageous English rock god, lothario and danger man Aldous Snow (Brand) to LA’s Greek theatre in time for the first gig of a multi million pound tour. In existential crisis and tired with the decadence of music scene it’s a task easier said than done. Aldous may be sex on a stick but he’s grown tired of it all and part of their journey is an attempt to win back his long lost big love before the gig at the Greek.

Boasting comedy cameos from P Diddy, Katy Perry and Lars Ulrich amongst others and featuring music by actor/musician Jason Segal (Nick from the fantastic 'Freaks & Geeks') it promises big laughs and exposes of the many overblown egos at work in the music industry.

(Universal Pictures)
Written & Directed by Nicholas Stoller
Due for release 4th June 2010

Catch the exclusive trailer HERE.


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