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Lenco iPD-9000

Read our guide to gadgets and technology in August 2012 including the Kensington Virtuoso Mini Collapsible Stylus, Kingston's Hyper X 3K SSD 240GB, the Glidetrack Mobislyder, Lenco's iPD-9000, Asus' PA238Q monitor and the Lenovo IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook.

Lenco iPD-9000

Get the party rocking with this beefy little mini-system available for modest money. The Lenco is clad in cast aluminium and boasts a CD player plus a top-mounted Apple cradle and built-in speakers. It’ll disperse decent quality sound - and plenty of this - right around most rooms.


Asus PA238Q monitor

Ardent gamers or designers will love this deluxe 23” LCD panel which boasts superb colour accuracy due to cutting-edge IPS technology. This is basically the same as Asus newest monitor, other than being one inch smaller and half the price, making this a serious bargain.


Lenovo IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook

Ultrabooks are svelte laptops offering quick start-up speeds and long battery-life. This 13.3” Lenovo is cheap as chips yet tough as boots and weighs only 1.3kg while promising up to ninety days on standby before it requires a re-juice. Despite this, it’s no slouch at most tasks.


Kensington Virtuoso Mini Collapsible Stylus

There are moments when you tire of playing hunt-and-peck with your fingers on a touchscreen. This collapsible little stylus is a boon for unleashing your artistic side or capturing a signature. Best of all, it comes with an Apple clip to stash it under an iPhone.


Kingston Hyper X 3K SSD 240GB

The biggest shot in the arm you can give any computer is to replace its whirring hard-drive with a spanking new solid-state drive or SSD. These are akin to a camera memory-card and typically pricy but this new Kingston drive is eminently affordable and blazing fast as well.


Glidetrack Mobislyder

One way to give your band’s video a sumptuous sheen is to deploy a slider, which instantly enables you to capture cool flowing movements. This model is optimised for shooting on a phone or camera yet brings much of Glidetrack’s renowned professional nous to the party.


Words by Alex Pell

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