Attention grabbing dance punks

These attention grabbing L.A dance punks simply cannot be ignored.

Funeral Party front man Chad Elliott’s serious tone is in stark contrast to his delirious, frenzied vocal delivery. The LA quartet peddle a brand of boisterous, rowdy tunefulness that has seen them win fans all over the place, but Elliott’s thoughtful comments display admirable commitment and work ethic.

Having toured with Julian Casablancas and Surfer Blood, Funeral Party grab audiences by the throat from the outset, and are reaping the rewards for their in-your-face live approach. “When we started the band, we wanted to get people’s attention, so we turned everything up as loud as possible and just screamed into the microphone,” Elliott says.

“Nobody knew who the fuck we were, so we wanted to make an impression, being loud and fast just became our thing,” he continues. The DIY nature of the band’s beginnings still plays a significant part, as the singer emphasises, “Doing everything ourselves is a big part of who we are as a band, so it’s important to us.”

The product of all the hard work is the imminent debut album, something of which he is justifiably proud. “The album sounds huge, when I heard the first playback it blew my mind!” The polishing and honing of the band’s raw, vitriolic sound shows that they have developed into a sleek, unapologetic noise machine, a trajectory Elliott sums up perfectly, “We just don’t want to blend into everything else and be forgotten.”

Words by Ben Homewood

Where: Los Angeles, California
What: Melodic, beat-driven dance-infused punk
Unique Fact: Julian Casablancas’ ‘new favourite band’, Funeral Party got big props from the Strokes man when touring together
Get 3 songs: ‘NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA’, ‘Where Did It Go Wrong?’, ‘Finale’


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