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Scottish indie folksters Frightened Rabbit have unleashed their new video to 'Living In Colour' and you can watch it now!

Returning with their third album earlier this year, Frightened Rabbit were under considerable pressure to perform. Previous offering 'The Midnight Organ Fight' was a sensational album, witnessing singer Scott Hutcheson delving deep into his soul.

Unleashing a lot of personal demons, no one expected him to delve as deep again. Swapping corrosive personal pain for something slightly more considered, more remote and more euphoric 'The Winter Of Mixed Drinks' was a wonderful return.

New single 'Living In Colour' is a case in point. Whereas the band's second album was a cathartic, primal scream effort the new single is simply a well prepared, well executed song. Crafted by Scott Hutcheson during his sojourn in rural Fife, is digs into the heart of Scottish life as well as finding something personal.

So no tears then. But certainly some sweeping songwriting, more than worthy of Frightened Rabbit.

Watch the video now...

Living In Colour from Soft City Lights on Vimeo.


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