Intimate live rendition...

The guitar's a funny beast. Alternate tunings can be used to create a different sound, a different mood.

Clutching his guitar close to him, Foy Vance has long been aware of the impact this can cause. Gently twirling each tuning key round as if arranging an abacus, the Northern Irish artist is capable of great shifts in temperature.

Take 'Be The Song'. Foy Vance's voice is gently textured, with a flavour of the blues seeping through into his folk influenced delivery. Yet you keep hearing those tinkling notes, swirling patterns which contrast and then resolve against the forward motion of the songwriting.

ClashMusic have been handed an intimate film, shot one on one with Foy Vance. Rippling through 'Be The Song' the performance is tender, sparse and deeply affecting.

- - -

'Be The Song' is the opening track on the new Foy Vance EP 'Melrose'. A collaboration with David Holmes, the EP is the score for Terry George's Academy Award winning, Irish film ‘The Shore’.

'Melrose' EP is set to be released later this month.

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