2009's buzziest band on their own tips...

Our final Flipped Tips feature of the year – scroll to the bottom for links to every other article – comes from one of 2009’s brightest hopes: White Lies.

The London-based trio of Harry McVeigh, Charles Cave and Jack Lawrence-Brown are top tips for 2009, and release their Interpol- and Editors-echoing debut album, ‘To Lose My Life’, on January 19.

ClashMusic.com’s review of the album can be read HERE.

Themselves fans of a great many emerging acts, here White Lies deliver their own tips for 2009. Over to the boys for more…

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"We had the good fortune of playing with them in New York and since then I have been hooked. They manage to create these brilliantly unique compositions that have the perfect balance of pop and aggression. Inspiring chord progressions and instrumentation only further confirm them as a force to be reckoned with. I just hope we can share a stage with them again soon."

(Charles Cave)

Video Nasties


"We have known these guys for about four years now, and played with them in our old band (fear of Flying) countless times. They are a very poignant example of a band who has really grown into their own skin. I have about five different versions/recordings of some of their songs as they have chiselled away at their craft for years. Their recent 'Albatross' E.P. is a new body for them entirely. Very Sonic Youth in parts and production but with a refreshing originality and oozing with integrity. I really look forward to their self-recorded, self-produced album mid-2009."

(Charles Cave)

Post War Years


"When White Lies embarked on our first ever headline tour in September of 2008 we took these guys along with us for the ride. I'd had the great pleasure of releasing their debut single, ‘Black Morning’, early in 2008 through my Chess Club label, and getting to play with them every night was the perfect way to get us in the mood for our own show. Unclassifiable, but its a kind of mash up of synth and sample-driven electro, with aggressive funk drumming that maintains that all important pop sensibility. Maybe a UK TV on the Radio in-the-making..."

(Harry McVeigh)

Mumford & Sons


"Another band with Chess Club releases under their belts is Mumford and Sons, who are a name to watch on many critics lists for 2009. Lead by the very talented Marcus Mumford, the band specialise in beautifully crafted folk songs piled high in drama and emotion. With 2008 being a great year for acts like Fleet Foxes, 2009 is Mumford and Son's for the taking."

(Jack Brown)

Choir Of Young Believers


"This Danish act has around eight or nine members (it varies), and have already scored one of my favourite songs of 2009 before it’s even begun. Released in February is the brilliant single ‘Action / Reaction’. It showcases the kind of perfect melodic lo-fi pop that only people from Scandinavia are qualified to make (Peter Bjorn and John, Lykke Li, The Concretes et cetera). This single alone should make them a massive success. Even if it doesn't, they're probably too ice-cool to even care."

(Jack Brown)

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White Lies’ ‘To Lose My Life’ album is released on January 19 via Polydor and is reviewed HERE. Find the trio on MySpace HERE.

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