Benjamin Curtis' five big ones for 2009...

Looking to build upon their considerable blog buzz in 2009, School Of Seven Bells are an emerging act to monitor closely over the next twelve months.

Identified as a tip for 2009 in other industry quarters, the band’s blend of ethereal vocals and understated but absorbing instrumentation is winning fans with every release and live show, and the Brooklyn trio - Benjamin Curtis alongside Alejandra and Claudia Deheza – undertake their first full European tour in February/March 2009.

Click to the band’s MySpace for further details, and HERE for tickets. Their next single from debut album ‘Alpinisms’, ‘Iamundernodisguise’, is released via Full Time Hobby on February 16.

Over to Benjamin for five tips for 2009…

- - -

“Unfortunately we're totally drawing a blank as far as new five brand new bands go, but we do think there will be some amazing records to come in 2009…”



“While obviously not a new band by any means, Jesu are, in our opinion, one of the best bands in existence, and we're positive their 2009 release will be the most epic guitar music we've heard in a long time.”



“Michna made his debut on Ghostly International this year, is a new artist, and I'm sure his follow up to ‘Magic Monday’ will be something special.”

First Aid Kit


“We first heard Johanna and Klara Soderberg when a friend showed us a video of them singing a Fleet Foxes song (which, incidentally, was the first Fleet Foxes song we ever heard, and now I don't think we want to hear the original because this is so good) and we were completely bowled over by their voices. Next thing you know, we're on their MySpace page and they've done a cover of ‘Blue Christmas’. We're sold.”

These New Puritans


“We played a show with this band in Brooklyn earlier this year, and we thought they were really amazing. We're looking forward to the next record.”

The Lonely Island


"This is Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live's record. It's got a song on it called ‘Jizz In My Pants’ (watch the video) that we play at least once a day because it's so awesome.”

- - -

School Of Seven Bells’ ‘Alpinisms’ album is out now; find them on MySpace HERE.

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