Acclaimed Brooklynites deliver their tips...

Another of our favourite groups of 2008, Brooklyn trio Gang Gang Dance’s ‘Saint Dymphna’ rocked its way into our top 40 albums of the year at nine.

Summarised in issue 33 as creating electro that’s scuzzy yet artsy, their latest long-player is “an essential foray into music that sounds vehemently opposed to linear structures”. So there.

As an act with their collective ear truly to the underground, Gang Gang Dance are ideal contributors to’s Flipped Tips series – asking others’ tips for 2009 and 2008’s greatest for their view on who or what will be big next year.

So, over to vocalist Lizzi Bougatsos for her five tips for 2009…

- - -

Eric Copeland


“He's blowin’ up the underground... watch out for his outer-space sound hitting you with his ship!”

The Present


“This is a unique band out of NYC that is a guaranteed talent and live show!”



“My bandmate from my band I.U.D, Sadie, just joined this twosome. I'm afraid they are gonna be better than us! Look out for Kevin Doria's project ‘Total Life’ too!”

Animal Collective


“Their new album is gonna blow your mind, if not throw you off the sea-saw!”

Tim DeWit (a member of Gang Gang Dance)


“He sometimes goes by Dutch e Germ. Who knows, maybe this will be a Gang Gang record. This dude is one of my best friends and he's been making music at home at his new studio. What I heard was pure genius… think Timbaland… Kate Bush… A.R. Rahman.”

- - -

Gang Gang Dance’s ‘Saint Dymphna’ record is out now on Warp. Find the band on MySpace HERE.

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