Esser reveals his 'tips' for 2009...

For the last week we at have been asking both hot properties for 2009 and some of our own artists of 2008 to submit their tips for next year.

As most lists outlining the wills and the won’ts of the next twelve months are almost always based on an editor’s own opinion – not really very cool – we’re opening ourselves up to new ear fodder by having artists guide our tipster tangents.

We’ve already heard from The Bad Seeds, Dananananaykroyd and VV Brown; here, wobble-pop master Esser gives us five less-than-expected tips for 2009.

The man’s mind is truly his alone…

Esser – ‘Headlock’

- - -

Baker Man

“Baker man is baking bread,

Sagabona kunjani wena,

The night train is coming,

Got to keep on running”



“Myself and fryars recently went out for our annual Christmas drink and we were complaining that we didn't appear to be in anyone's '2009 tips'. Well. Here you go.”

The Chapman Stick

“The Chapman Stick is an electric musical instrument devised by Emmett Chapman in the early 1970s. He set out to create an instrument designed for the ‘Free Hands’ tapping method of both hands parallel to the frets that he invented in 1969. Apparently Razorlight have been using one on their new album. Can't wait.”

The Golden Silvers


“I heard their single on the radio the other day. Also Lexxx, who I worked with on my album, is producing theirs. Very, very good.”


“This cab driver the other day told me how he was into ska when he was younger. Then he'd worked as a bouncer during the acid house years. Anyway he had this record by Longsy D called 'Mental Ska' which was the most-famous skacid record.”

- - -

Esser releases his debut album ‘Braveface’ in May; he tours in April (find dates HERE) and is yours to befriend on MySpace HERE.

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