Fiery Glasgow act on their 2009 tips...

Already established as one of the best – if not THE best – live bands in the UK, Glasgow’s Dananananaykroyd are set to show the non-gig-going public that they’re more than a difficult name with the release of their ‘Hey Everyone!’ album in 2009.

Due for release via Best Before (home of the so-hot-in-2008 rock trio Johnny Foreigner) in April, ‘Hey Everyone!’ is a firecracker of a debut, capturing the band’s live flair on record quite excellently. Expect it to leave your ears a’ringing splendidly.

The band kick off their 2009 with a European tour alongside some small band called the Kaiser Chiefs. The year is certain to be their biggest yet, and the buzz is already beginning to build around their special talents.

As a tip elsewhere (and here, if we’re honest), Clash invited Dana’ to provide us with five tips of their own for 2009. Here’s their collective response…

Dananananaykroyd – ‘Pink Sabbath’

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Copy Haho


The most effortlessly amazing band in Scotland. Expect big things from their new EP in early 09!

Dutch Uncles


Smart and fun indie band from Manchester. They released their debut album on a German label recently and blew all our brains out when we played with them on our last headline tour.

Vivian Girls


Amazing American lo-fi garage-rock... dying to see them live.

Triple School


Glasgow hardcore, check out their new EP on Winning Sperm Party. (Yes, this really is a label – Ed.)

Favours for Sailors


Having played with them, our opinions of this UK four-piece was cemented. We love their awesome slacker ‘90s American soundz.

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Dananananaykroyd’s ‘Hey Everyone!’ album is released through Best Before in April 2009; their ‘Pink Sabbath’ single is out now and was featured in the Clash Top 40 of 2008 – click HERE to read the article.

Find the band on MySpace HERE.

Photo: Amy Brammall

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