Hear the best new music today!

Clash are proud to present some of the best new music around as we begin to host the cult Filthy Few podcast!

Now up to issue 22, the Filthy Few podcast has acted as a barometer of tastes and trends in the indie and dance scenes, helping propel the likes of Late Of The Pier to greater prominence. Produced in a secret London location, the podcast has long revered by indie hipsters, and we are delighted to bring you the latest installment of the Filthy Few.

Issue 22 features some of the hottest names in music right now, with Barringtone, FrankMusik, Carnabyhouse and Stereohereos just some of the acts appearing. Sure, they might not trip off the tongue right now, but quality always shines through and some of these acts will be selling like hot cakes in six months time.

Filthy Few: Tomorrow's heroes today! Now listen in below...


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