The best of times, the worst of times...

No two people attending a music festival will have the same experience.

For some, it could be the time of their life - a weekend opening themselves up to new music, new experiences. For others... less so.

Everyone has their own festival high, just as everyone has their own festival low. In the first of a new series, Dog Is Dead's resident saxophonist Trev reveals his Festival Highs & Lows.

- - -

I think personally for me the festival that shared my highest and lowest festival experience would have to be Glasto' 2010. It was our first Glastonbury ever for every member of Dog is Dead, we had heard stories about it but really didn't know what to expect. We were all ridiculously excited and this is where my festival low point starts. I packed for Glasto just the night before as is typical of me, little did I know until we had sorted out wristbands and pitched up tents that i had forgotten in my excitement two key players in any camping trip what so ever: sleeping bag and Pillow.

This was the first of the lows as I then realized as I went through my bag for a pillow/sleeping bag substitute that the box of banana flavoured sugar puffs which was meant to be my breakfast for the next three or four mornings had exploded in my bag during the walk there. I spent the next hour or so trying to pick massive clumps of banana smelling sugar puffs off literally all my clothes. Alas I didn't manage to get them all off and you can spot them just chilling on miscellaneous pieces of my clothing in any photo taken of me during the festival and the BBC footage of our set.

However on the upside despite all my bad luck and forgetfulness I had a fucking whale of a time! What with Radiohead secret set on the park stage, Stevie Wonder and my personal favorite festival preformance ever from the Dirty Projectors. Not to mention we got the chance to play a show to a packed out tent at the Festival which was fucking amazing. The night that followed that show was pretty blurry all I can remember is saying "That is the coolest thing I have ever seen" fucking loads, me and Joss (D.I.D keyboard player) must have come across as the real life Beavis and Butt head.

- - -

Dog Is Dead are set to play Dot To Dot Festival, running in venues across Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester between June 2nd - 4th.

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