Clash hears 'Invaders Must Die' album

Clash toddled down to a London studio yesterday for a sneaky listen to the return of rave’s truest titans.

The Prodigy release their fifth studio album, ‘Invaders Must Die’, on March 2 via Take Me To The Hospital/Cooking Vinyl. The album’s title track is currently available to download for free from the band’s official site, but beyond that: the record’s under wraps.

The below, though, should give you some idea of what to expect…

The title track opens proceedings, and immediately sets a tone – the pace is to be furious, the blistering beats relentless. A mood descends, one more similar to their 1994 classic ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ than 2004’s ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’. Come the middle section, lynchpin Liam Howlett is exploring the band’s past, ‘Take Me To The Hospital’ bleeding into ‘Warrior’s Dance’ in a manner that echoes the expressive hedonism of the group’s ‘Experience’ debut. Throughout, Maxim and Keith Flint are on fiery vocal form, as if rediscovering the passion that drove the band to such heights in the 1990s.

Not that The Prodigy have gone wholly retro – much of ‘Invaders Must Die’ packs a full-blooded rock punch that takes drum and bass and techno elements and adds them to a formula well-schooled in live-show excellence, a mix that’s theirs and theirs alone, imitable and unique. A succession of songs pass that sound as if they’ll be incredible live – ‘World’s On Fire’ seems set to be a highlight of the band’s already phenomenal sets, and ‘Run With The Wolves’ is given extra percussive energy by the contributions of a certain Dave Grohl. And just when you think you’ve got ‘Invaders Must Die’ sussed, there’s a sting in its tail in the shape of ‘Stand Up’. It’ll blindside many.

The ‘Invaders Must Die’ tracklisting runs as follows…

‘Invaders Must Die’




‘Take Me The Hospital’

‘Warrior’s Dance’

‘Run With The Wolves’

‘Omen Reprise’

‘World’s On Fire’


‘Stand Up’

Look out for more content on The Prodigy and ‘Invaders Must Die’ in the coming months. Get your free download of the album’s title track HERE, and watch its video below...

Photo: Paul Dugdale


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