Multiple packs Of 7" Singles from label

Not content with constantly unleashing amazing new bands onto the world, the people at Wichita Records have also now proved themselves to be hugely generous, too.

Thanks to a small delivery of fifty vinyls, we're going to be giving away a select batch of 7" records, from Los Campesinos! to The Dodos, its exactly what your dusty turntable is crying out for.

Enter to win a copy of each of these singles...

Los Campesinos : 'The International Tweecore Underground'

The Dodos: 'Fools'

Los Campesinos : 'My Year In Lists'

Espers : 'Under The Waterfall'

Those Dancing Days : 'Run Run / Hitten'

Euros Childs : 'Horse Riding'

Conor Oberst : 'Souled Out' (Limited edition)

Seven winners will all receive 7" copies of the above singles, all you have to do to enter is tell us the name of Los Campesinos!' debut album HERE and get yourself a job-lot of indie heaven.


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