Bouncing and bold
Electric Selection 2010 - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Orlando Higginbottom had a monster year with a couple of packed EPs that took Greco-Roman to their finest label peak so far. Led by the melodic bouncer of ‘Garden’, Orlando, along with his dinosaur backing dancers and glitter canons, generated a pack of flailing arms everywhere from Hackney, Ibiza, right round the festival circuit and onto Radio One. Hurl in such strata as neo garage, halcyon house and raving jungle loops and he’s a refreshing blast of fun in an incredibly considered and technical dance scene that is in danger of falling into its own considered void. Bouncing and bold, TEED is leaping in the opposite direction of his critical peers.

Get 3 songs: ‘Garden’, ‘That One’, ‘Walking Song’


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