Categorically anything but shit
Electric Selection 2010 - Shit Robot

Marcus Lambkin has been writing LP ‘From The Cradle To The Grave’ for his entire life and it’s rightly pitched as the genealogy of DFA records in one album. Having befriended LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy ten years ago they started a dance of Yin and Yang, as he reveals: “He’d never heard a lot of that music before. Dance music to him was C & C Music Factory and MTV, and he fucking hated it. But what I was playing he hadn’t heard before, so he kind of got into it.” With a decade of tones and tastes Shit Robot proves to be an adept filter and is categorically anything but shit.

Get 3 songs: ‘I Got A Feeling’, ‘Losing My Patience’, ‘Grim Receiver’


Hear the the TBD remix of Shit Robot's 'I Found Love' HERE.

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