Pastoral, widescreen tones
Electric Selection 2010 - Nedry

Haunted yet naïve, once you’ve heard ‘Condors’ there is little going back. Nedry’s pastoral, widescreen tones are tethered to contemporary culture by slick electronic programming that recalls the wonk of PANTyRAID and the surreal tribalism of Björk’s calmer thoughts. As Matt Parker and Chris Amblin rhythmically reflect like a robotic Sly and Robbie, Ayu Okakita launches her subtle vocal salvos over their futuristic structures that are married with gently picked strings and warped ambient soundscapes. The simple spacious results paint dystopian visions - arches and domes rise up in a sad, melancholic city we’ve glimpsed yet can’t fully fi nd our way back to, leaving just our memories to dance.

Get 3 songs: ‘Squid Cat Battle’, ‘Scattered’, ‘Apples And Pears’


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