Forget Magnetic Man...
Electric Selection 2010 - Mount Kimbie

Forget Magnetic Man and their ham-fisted flails in the pop-dubstep direction. If you want to introduce your sister to the genre you love, try Mount Kimbie. Their ‘Crooks And Lovers’ album made them the darling of broadsheet IDM amateurs. They also supported The xx for their sold-out Somerset House gig. Kai Campos, the moody latino of the duo, moaned to Clash: “There are no female groupies so far. Just geeky men. It would be good to change that - there are more vocals on the album, so maybe that will make a difference.” Mount Kimbie’s main success however has been their deliverance of a live coherence that allowed an audience way bigger than just scene obsessives to form and cheer long after their live finale.

Get 3 songs: ‘Maybes’, ‘Field’, ‘Mayor’


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