Outstrips notions of genre or place
Electric Selection 2010 - Guido

Striving for a tension across forty-five minutes rather than a fast dash to the middle of bass, Guido builds not just his debut album slowly, but he seems intent on shaping his whole career with passive aplomb. Grand synths punctuate ‘Anidea’ with abrupt literacy, so fans of Hudson Mohawke’s epic plans would do well to pay attention. Guy Middleton is a classically trained pianist and the quality of his compositions breathe with his knowledge and layers that stack up to form crisp, clean levels of noise. His magic happens in the composition, not the desperate need to hit the lowest hertz. Piecing together considered sounds he’s a man who may outstrip any notions of genre or place.

Get 3 songs: ‘Mad Sax’, ‘Tango’, ‘Beautiful Complication’


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