1. There Is Love In You

It’s the little things that count. In Four Tet’s case it was the tiny shifts in space around his beats that not only took his music to the next level but perfectly encapsulated the subtle tension generated as house, techno and dubstep converged into a beautiful and healthy grey area. Touring for two years and releasing two albums with acclaimed jazz drummer Steve Reid certainly helped elevate his percussive aesthetic: “I learned so much about rhythm,” kieran Hebden confesses. “The concept of really understanding why something has a certain feel or what pushes it into this other place. Steve will do something and it showed me how something could be so much simpler, yet so much more complicated at the same time in some way.” Released in January this album succinctly rephrased many of the rhythmic complexities vocalised in club sets from the likes of Martyn, Untold and appleblim, whose straddling of genres was as disorientating as it was addictive. on top of this Four Tet spliced his signature cerebral melodies to form a record that drips with soul and carries the magic that keeps him motivated to progress. “This album’s more about bliss,” he rounds off. “I wanted to make music that touched on those moments that make me feel on fi re inside, make me feel sublime.”

Get 3 songs: ‘love Cry’, ‘This Unfolds’, ‘Sing’

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