2. Cosmogramma

What to do when your mother dies? Write a space opera of polyrhythmic beats before angling it after her spirit straight into the stars? This approach worked wonders for Flying lotus, his second lp on Warp is an unparalleled work of complexity. “With this album I had a vision before I went in,” murmurs the young star. “There was trajectory, all the ideas were expanded and I suppose I put my infl uences forward more than in the past.”

This genealogy started at home, where uncle John and aunt alice Coltrane cast an impressive shadow at family jam sessions, so, when his mother passed, Flylo retreated back into his jazzy bloodline. “More than any time in my life I was soaking in that music, my family’s music and especially my aunt’s music because she was so shaken by losing John Coltrane and I can hear that in her music. With this album I had to journey within and not do just what other people wanted me to do.” Mary anne Hobbes was moved to call Flylo the “Hendrix of his generation”, leaving him to moot: “Those words are a trip. I’ve made my contribution to this thing but there’s so much more to do. Hopefully I aint gonna choke on my own vomit!”

Get 3 songs: ‘and The World laughs With you’, ‘Computer Face', ‘Satelllliiiiiiite’


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