London trio emerge from the shadows

If 2009’s electronic success stories of Fuck Buttons, HEALTH and The Big Pink surfed a wall of noise then this year the firepower came from restraint.

Darkstar, a London-based trio emerged from the shadows of banging club 12”s to deliver one of the most graceful and spacious compositions we’ve heard. ‘North’ is the seductive, vocally illuminated sound of a genre resettling in its sleep, an almost unconscious new alignment in favour of songs, ghostly instruments and playing live to calmer audiences. Armed with more considered sounds, James young confirms this radical departure was tactical: “I suppose it was almost like growing into something that we would in the future probably prefer. I think the live thing is important in our area right now. We wanted to gain a new kind of audience as well as having that kind of past.”

Having released an anthem in ‘Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer’, the new trio pulled back from the brink of fame to change direction completely and allegedly scrapped a whole album of similar material. “Yeah we didn’t like it. And then we wrote ‘North’ quite quickly. But we never felt the restrictions; we thought, ‘Let’s just do the album we want, and then see what happens after’.”

Get 3 songs: ‘Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer’, ‘Gold’, ‘under One Roof’


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