Incisively elaborate
Electric Selection 2010 - Alex Smoke

Incisively elaborate, Smoke’s long-awaited new album, though short in title was a massive morsel for our minds. Having impressed so heavily with his orchestral techno of the past this guy’s next-level ideas incorporated tempos ranging from ambient to 140BPM as his strings found unlikely bed fellows with acid glitch-hop that unfolds naturally into warped, tech-noir forays. The Scottish producer, now based in London, is far from finished, as he told Clash: “I think the trick now is to take all the schmancy technique and make something that sounds simple and elegant. This will be a challenge for a man who tends to throw in everything, including the sound of hitting the kitchen sink. All the best music is simple in some way.”

Get 3 songs: ‘Lux+’, ‘Blingkered’, ‘Filla’


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