A truly original vision
Electric Selection 2010 - Actress

Actress presents an album that’s impossible to predict, nor guess at its future influence. Whilst loosely inhabiting the post-dubstep terrain getting crowded by increasing characters, he instilled the spirit of house. Agitating these clipped and revised structures Actress rubs a neo-industrialist experimentalism that sounds confusingly fresh to create a whole new space for his coarse music to grow in. From the transformative eight-minute opener ‘Hubble’, the listener is forced down a path that is as uncompromising as it is hypnotic. ‘Maze’ sounds like a lost Carl Craig acid trip whilst ‘Casanova’ is a sizzling closer that will never be copied, nor perhaps understood. A truly original vision.

Get 3 songs: ‘Always Human’, ‘Maze’, ‘Casanova’


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