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Eels recently returned with their new album 'Hombre Lobo' and to spice things up the group have made a video for the track 'That Look You Give That Guy'.

He might be American, and thus dis-qualified for royal honours, but E deserves a knighthood or something. For over fifteen years the guy has been churning out acerbic songs that blend the blackest of themes with the sharpest of wits.

Having taken time off to write his memoirs E recently returned to what he does best. New album 'Hombre Lobo' has been out for a while now, beguiling critics with its gnarled charms.

Ever the self-deprecating sort, 'Hombre Lobo' was taken from the Spanish for 'wolf man' and refers to the beard E grew while making the album. However that bit of facial fuzz hasn't deterred the ladies with Padma Lakshmi dropping by for a guest slot in the romantic new video for 'That Look You Give That Guy'.

Check out E's look of love below...


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