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The return of Editors was one of 2009's most pleasing musical developments.

Led by Tom Smith, Editors broke through with a series of anthemic singles. Retreating from the limelight to take care of his family, the singer found that he couldn't fight inspiration and began drafting ideas for a new album.

Rejecting their trademark sound in favour of something rather more dense and electronic based, 'In This Light And On This Evening' was released to widespread acclaim.

Editors really found their stride, however, in the live arena playing a hugely successful tour as 2009 drew to a close. The band aren't set to waste any time with their new single 'You Don't Know Love' due to be released on January 25th.

A bleak and haunting track it is a somewhat strange choice for a single, yet is nonetheless a striking piece of songwriting. Editors assembled a cast of award winning film makers, including Icelandic duo Arni & Kinski who have previously worked with Sigor Ros, Iggy Pop, Travis and many more.

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