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Duffy has been one of the musical sensations of the year, combining a pop touch with a deeply soulful delivery.

Its been a long year for Duffy. Almost exactly twelve months ago, before she had even released her debut single 'Rockferry', caught up with her for a chat. Full of wide eyed wonder at the music industry, you can read it here.

Now, after a year that has seen her become one of Britain's biggest solo stars, Duffy is set to release her brand new single 'Rain On Your Parade'. With a string laden groove it resembles a late 60s Motown stomper, with Duffy's unmistakable voice shimmering over the top.

Once a contender to record the Bond theme, the singer's new video visually recalls the world of cocktails, guns and a license to thrill. Surrounded by suited and booted dancers, Duffy belts out her song with all the hope and panache of the newcomer she once was.

Duffy releases 'Rain On Your Parade' on November 17th. Watch the video below!


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