Disco edits galore...

Disco has enjoyed a facelift over the past decade.

Once left to languish in the domain of the kitsch, disco has been re-configured to act as a bridge between soul and house. New producers are picking up on some unexplored avenues, with In Flagranti leading the charge.

Far too eclectic to ever be effectively bracketed, In Flagranti have stormed around the globe bringing their box of exploratory re-edits with them.

New EP 'Interdisciplinary' is a case in point. Expansive, future facing disco bedlam the title cut comes equipped with a raft of remixes. Pointing the duo in new directions, guest producers include Jaguar Trax, Bear Damen and more.

As a special surprise for fans, In Flagranti have crafted a new DJ mix. Setting out their stall with a Weatherall remix - always a way a grab our attention - the mix continues with some serious sunset, Balearic vibes.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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1. Movement (Andrew Weatherall Remix) - Daniel Avery
2. Rock Me Love - Luluxpo
3. Aint Nothing But A Groove - LTJ Experiance
4. This Is A Recording -The Second Sun - Sunset Mix
5. Keep It On (instrumental) - G-5
6. Soul Makossa - Nairobi
7. Girl I like the way that you move (dub mix) - Stone
8. Don't Be Alone - Federico Gandin
9. Happiness (Happy Club Mix) - Rob Mello
10. Helpless(Smoka_HeardIn97ReWork) - Poindexter
11. I Can Feel It (Enzo Elia GFR Edit) - Dreamatic Balearic Gabba Edits
12. Zod (Damian Lazarus James What) Rise Before Zod
13. Go Ahead - Das Etwas
14. I'm A Man (tribal edit) - Star City
15. Monochrome - Richard Rossa
16. Superstar - Bob McGilp edit
17. Downer (Original Mix) - Space Ranger
18. Funny Bone Pop - Sax

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