Bronnt Industries Kapital

This week, we bring you a mix from the intriguing and highly talented Bronnt Industries Kapital – the pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell, who, for the last eight years, has been creating experimental and all-encompassing electronic compositions, with his resulting work (and this here mix) owing as much of a debt to the Krautrock of Can and Kraftwerk as to any modern electronic outfit.

Embracing electronic psychedelia throughout, Bartell’s mix explores all kinds of weird and wonderful sci-fi-esque electronica with an occasional glorious foray into utter oddball territory, featuring the likes of Broadcast, Tangerine Dream and a quite superb piece of retro soundtrack action via Stelvio Cipriani’s ‘Too Risky a Day for a Regatta’, from obscure cult flick ‘Tentacles’. Inspired.

Light-hearted in places, but with a darker synth chord progression around every corner, Bronnt’s mix is the perfect audio embodiment of his third (and bloody marvellous) album ‘Hard For Justice’, which sounds like an electronica scoring for the best example of film noir you’ve seen, should such a thing be possible. Which it is.

I’ll be honest: mildly absurd, retro electronica that comes across like it’s soundtracking a 1940s crime thriller sounds amazing to these twisted ears. Therefore, I count Mr Bronnt as a bit of an unsung genius. Which is why you should immediately explore his work, starting with this bizarre, fascinating and brilliant mix.


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Bronnt Industries Kapital Dj Mix tracklisting -

1. Rob Hubbard - Phantoms of the Asteroid

2. Dagger Brothers - Pistachio

3. Zombi - Challenger Deep

4. Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure (excerpt)

5. Harmonia - Dino

6. Broadcast - Drums on Fire

7. Stelvio Cipriani - Too Risky A Day For A Regatta

8. Stereolab - Crest

9. Honolulu Mountain Daffodils - Psychic Hitlist Victim No. 8

10. Syntech - Byt&E

11. The Zodiac - Aries

12. Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - Twilight World


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