Truly infectious listening

If, like any rational individual, the idea of inserting the word ‘world’ before the word ‘music’, and the word ‘global’ before the word ‘beats’ makes you shudder or retch, then what you need, friend, is to listen to the latest mix in our series, handled very capably by Laroca.

Yes, ‘world music’ is a term that has been well and truly bastardised by the likes of Afro Celt Sound System and people who buy hardback photo books solely to put on their glass coffee tables. But lest we forget that the wider world has some rather delicious sounds to offer, as Laroca here confirm. Fused together with considered electronic undertones, Laroca’s mix is a heady combination of exotic funk, hypnotic beats, Arabian melodies and instruments from anywhere and everywhere, making the whole thing infinitely more gypsy jazz than Gypsy Kings.

Comprised of Rob Pollard and Olly Wakeford, Laroca are the newest signing to Just Music, releasing their second album, ‘Valley of the Bears’, in June of this year – a record full of fine and fascinating electronic flavours, covering as wide a musical spectrum as the countries from which they draw influence.

And as for this here mix – truly infectious listening, and liable to get even a corpse indulging in some serious foot-tapping.

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Laroca Dj Mix tracklisting -

1. Balkan Beat Box - Digital Monkey (puzzel remix)

2. Stelios Kazantzidis - Efuge Efuge

3. Poder Vallenato - Pa'l Baillador

4. Sergent Garcia -Toi tu est la bas

5. Mo' Horizons - Tu fiesta personal

6. Balkan Beat Box - Adir Adirim (Nickodemus remix)

7. Flevans - The Funz

8. Laroca - The Elevator Tester (The Second Whorl remix)

9. Mamond - Preguiciman

10. Laroca - Brassic (Omeron remix)

11. DJ Vadim - Hidden Treasure


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